Special welding cable Topweld H01N2-D, from Top Cable

The high grade of flexibility in this cable facilitates use of the welding tool and avoids the formation of knots in the cable that could cause the conductor to break internally.
The Top Cable Topweld H01N2-D cable has been specifically designed to transmit high currents between the welding generator and the electrode. It can also be […]

Cable characteristics for photovoltaic applications

Topsolar cables, from Top Cable, become the best alternative when performing photovoltaic installations.
Connection of panels to the Low Voltage network in continuous current
The TOPSOLAR (PV) cable has been specifically designed to withstand the most demanding conditions between the panels and LV network in continuous current from a solar photovoltaic installation.
Its excellent proprieties make it the […]

Top Cable Powerhard M RVMV-K, flexible armoured cables

Thanks to its flexible class 5 conductor, Top Cable’s Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cables make installations substantially easier.
The Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable, manufactured by Top Cable, has been built according to the IEC reference norms IEC 60502 and UNE 21123-2, with conductors made of electrolytic copper, flexible class 5, based on EN60228, […]

Medium Voltage X-VOLT RHZ1 (AS) AL/OL/2OL Cable

It is a cable for fixed installations, adequate for energy transport and distribution in Low Voltage networks. The (AS) indication certifies that it is a high security, halogen-free, flame-retardant and fire-retardant cable.
The Low Voltage X-VOLT RHZ1 (AS) AL/OL / 2OL cable has been designed according to the construction norms UNE-HD 620-5-E (type 5E-5) and IEC […]

NEW WEBSITE Ecomatic Calculate energy in a SUSTAINABLE way

Top Cable has developed an innovative measuring tool called Ecomatic which calculates how much energy you save in electrical installations.
Sustainable development is part of Top Cable’s strategy, as shown by their commitment to controlling and reducing their impact on the environment. Strengthening this commitment, the Ecomatic programme calculates the energy that you can save choosing […]